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a Prime Contractor for FEAMCO Members


Agency Service

our collective and attentive services with seamless care will be contributed to your safe and smart operation before ship's arrival until ship's departure.
Multi-port call in Korea needs continuous care, port to port, and our seamless net-work has been designed to meet to the requirements of any service,anywhere inside the coastal line of South Korea and anytime except of a Force Majeure condition.
  • Port agency 
  • Husbandry
  • Portective
  • New building
  • SNP delivery
  • Bunkering
For the ships:​
  • Tankers(Chemical/Product/VLCC/LNG)
  • Bulk Carrier(GC/Handy/All Max types/Gear)
  • Special Purpose(Semi-submersible/Heavy Crane/Tug)
  • Ships under construction at the ship yards
Location where we serve:​
All ports and ship yards within the limit of the coastal line of South Korea.
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