Crews- Join &Repatriate

Our services are designed convenient for Managers and Crews friendly with the options to save the cost and time by the leverage of  the 4th generation of Tel-communication and modern transportation infrastructure  widely used or applicable in Korea. Creative and Unique Service!


Launch Tariff -All ports

SCM-Domestic Collect&Delivery

Our services are designed to simplify many hidden factors of the relevant costs with offering in lump-sum unit price for delivery on deck from the moment of Arrival either at the international airport from overseas or  at our collection Depots in Pusan.World Unprecedented Creative and  Unique Service!


Air Port Terminal ICN 

Customs Declaration on e-system

Licensed for Bonded Removal To Delivery Port

Delivery On Deck by Boat or Vehicle

Bonded  Arrival at Delivery Port

Permission for Delivery On deck

List of the Charges

  1. Airport Terminal Charge

  2. Bonded In-land Transportation Charge

  3. Warehouse Charge at Delivery port

  4. Customs Clearance Charge

  5. Vehicle Charge

  6. Boat Charge (NOT INCLUDED)

  7. Delivery charge on deck 

  8. Sundry

  9. Agent Handling Charge

  Transparent & Fair Bills for On-Deck Delivery- Cost Saaving

Freight Consignee Full Style


Any Items in need of Off-load from the ship are possible to be  removed on bonded condition for Repairs or Service at Shore Facility. After being service, those can be returned on board or be sent  either to another port in Korea or to  Manager's logistic vendor.

Off-Loading , Boat or Vehicle Charge,Customs Clearance Charge, Warehousing Charge up to 30 days, Agent Handling Charge and Sundry

Special Service:  Express Delivery on deck with 24 hours , any port berth or anchorage, subject to Weather permitting, 24/7/365.

Just Send us to ICN or PUS airport.