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Who we are _


The Service Paradigm has been being evolved in line with the development of the industrial technology. Today's best one shall be outdated unless it would not adapt to a new environment of the development. 
Today's communication technology has been creating a huge change in business transaction. By connectivity under designed control, a small and medium companies engaged in the maritime industry can provide their service for the clients directly.
FEAMCO( members are designed to work with the clients through a gateway of KOMATEC.
We are pleased to take a role as the gateway between the clients and the members and will contribute to the benefits of everybody with us.
- Chief Executive Officer
- Byung Sung Cho
Benson(B.S.) Cho/Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

About Us _


We are a prime contractor with the clients on behalf of the members of FEAMCO and therefore, unlike other Internet Bridging companies, we will always stand with the liabilities at a forefront of the services in alliance with our members.


What we do _


  • Gate way between the clients and the Members. (FEAMCO)
  • Interface/Coordinate/Contract/ in alliance with the Members.(FEAMCO)
  • Maintaining the International Standard (ISO) and Qualification Certificates
  • Marketing and Sales.


  • Quality Management Policy: ISO 9001-2015
  • HSE
  • Ethics Policy

Management Policy

  • Clients Oriented 
  • Awaken 24/365 for Innovation to upgrade
  • Always think and work in compliance with the company policies.
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